Greetings from VCC!

Greetings from VCC!

by Tim Conklin -
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Hello Everyone!

I'm Tim, and I'm the Department Assistant in CAD & BIM Technologies (aka Drafting) at Vancouver Community College downtown.

Reading the 4 R's article made me think of ways I can relate to the experience of First Nations students at my institution.  I'm a border-crosser.  I left my upper-Midwest American culture and took on a West Coast one when I immigrated to Canada.  I do a certain amount of cultural adaptation every time I visit my family back in Minnesota.  Here's a funny example of what I mean:  Back in the States I grew up among Lutherans (a kind of mainline protestant Christians) of Scandinavian ancestry.  When I came to Vancouver, I could hardly find a Lutheran church anywhere, so because it was just across the street from where I lived, I ended up settling into an Anglican church community of folks with English heritage.  So, when I'm in Minnesota, I'm Lutheran -- when I'm in Canada, I'm Anglican.

I'm guessing many of us live with our feet planted in more than one community.

I sure look forward to learning with everybody this week!

Kindest regards  -- Tim Conklin