Where in the World Are We?

Where in the World Are We?

by Donna DesBiens -
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Hello colleagues,

Here's a ZeeMap of where participants in this course work according to initial registration info. 


It's wonderful to see so many people interested in this conversation and truly amazing to try to wrap our minds around the diversity of places and distance we're connecting across. 

Map Route from Whitehorse to StCatharines

On the first day, this distance between workplaces seemed mind blowing. Yet, as people continued to check in and name places they feel connected to in some way, whether roots, relations, travels, or meaningful experiences of choice, the map started looking more like this:

Zeemap of participant work and ancestral, old home/work, or experiential connections

As of Thurs evening, at least two-thirds of our 47-strong community have checked in and the diversity of connections to places and cultures has expanded across a big part of the Northern Hemisphere. The red markers show where people work now; the blue markers show more personal connections people shared in their check ins and cultural self-locations I'm so curious to learn about how this influences our work and relationships with others, and whether it will be reflected in our acknowledgements.