Hi from Bettina!

Hi from Bettina!

by Bettina Boyle -
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Hi everybody,

My name is Bettina Boyle. I live North Vancouver - a short commute to Capilano University where I work. North Vancouver is on the traditional land of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh people.

I'm excited for another FLO MicroCourse. I love the practical short format and I am looking forward to learning with and from all of you on this topic of acknowledging traditional Indigenous Lands. 

Fun fact: I have two middle names I rarely use: Helth and Arnum

Helth means "hero" in Danish. It was originally a last name on my mom's side of the family and since became a middle name when my great grandma didn't want to give it up when she got married. Since then, all the women in the family have (and some boys and men) have had it as a middle name. I've passed in on to my own two daughters as well.

Arnum is the name of a tiny town in Denmark where my great great (great) grandparents on my dad's side lived as farmers.  See image below and click on it for details. And yes, Arnum was my last name before I got married :-)

Arnum, Denmark