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by Donna DesBiens -
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Hi Derek,

Thanks for the feedback.  It was due to engaging in this microcourse that I too have begun to develop a better understanding of the meaning of guest/visitor protocols.  The Beyond territorial acknowledgements article in our course resources opened some doors of perception for me! 

In a bit of synchronicity, I also recently learned about different talking circle directional protocols.  In my case, it was a result of experiential learning in a couple of workshops at the recent Learning at Intercultural Intersections conference. In both workshops, I happened to be sitting right next to the facilitators in the circle. Luckily for me, as I tend to be a bit shy, the Day 1 workshop followed clockwise Kainaiwa protocol so I had time to get acquainted with the other conference participants and flow before going first in the Day 5 workshop activities, which followed the counterclockwise Nuxalk protocol.  For future, I'll know to arrive early to choose a seat accordingly!!