Our learning journey begins!

Our learning journey begins!

by Donna DesBiens -
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Welcome to the Acknowledging Traditional Indigenous Lands MicroCourse! 

Our time this week will pass by quickly, so jump right in NOW. Here are some suggestions to help you get started: 

1. First, take a few minutes to read the MicroCourse Handbook and Course Overview for important information on the course structure, purpose, tools, and participation guidelines. 

2. Please also say hello in the Who's Here Forum, tell us where you're joining in from, and one fun fact that very few people know about you to help us start getting acquainted. 

3. Read through the Activity Packet to get a sense of the course flow over the week. The Packet describes our recommended steps for creating your personalized land acknowledgement and cultural introduction, along with links to curated resources that provide foundational 'how to' knowledge and examples of effective ways others are doing this in their own teaching and learning contexts. 

4. Begin working through the steps. Following the recommended schedule will help you keep moving along. 

5. Check out our own land acknowledgement and intro videos in the Sharing and Feedback forum. 

We are opening the course site on Saturday so you can get a head start on the activities if you like, and look forward to meeting you bright and early on Monday morning. Please feel free to use the Open Forum to post any questions or feedback you may have about the course materials.  If any urgent logistical or tech questions arise over the weekend, please contact Sylvia at scurrie@bc.campus.ca

Warm regards,

Dianne Biin & Donna DesBiens