Late afternoon 5: It's been an interesting week.

Late afternoon 5: It's been an interesting week.

by Sue Hellman -
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I want to congratulate everyone who persevered with this process until the end of the week. I have learned a lot about how different teachers approach the task of writing their TPSs. Thank you for the opportunity to do that.  I'm looking forward to restructuring this course based my observations re: what parts of the process caused various people difficulties. 

The one thing that has been confirmed to me is that how dedicated this group of teachers is to ensuring students receive their best. None have taken an easy path or retreated from the challenges of the job. I wish I'd had the pleasure of being your student. 

(I've made one final addition under tab 4B: a comprehensive checklist cobbled together from 3 different sources. If I responded to your first or second draft, you'll find one attached.)

Parting thought: 

Effective teaching -- "the thoughtful orchestration of conditions to promote and generate long lasting learning" -- is part art, part craft, part science, and a whole lot of alchemy (In Search of Quality Teaching (2007) from 

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