Day 5: Home stretch!

Day 5: Home stretch!

by Sylvia Currie -
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It’s Day 5, and we’re almost there!

If sticking to a suggested timeline today is all about giving and getting feedback, and maybe even posting a refined TPS if you've progressed to that point. Some ideas for today:

  • Review the teaching philosophy statements posted to to the Sharing Forum. It might spark ideas if you're still chipping away!
  • Offer feedback. It can be quick or elaborate, very personal or objective, but should aim to be specific and constructive. The checklists in 4b can help to guide you
  • Try the forum annotation tool. It's an easy way to post your thoughts in the margins as you read. Select a range of text in the post, hit 'enter' (or click in the right margin) then start typing in the box on the right. There's also an annotation summary view
  • Haven't posted your TPS? Go for it even if it's a "drafty draft draft" as Colleen put it. There's no such thing as being too late.
  • Ask those final burning questions in the Open Forum

MicroCourses often spill over into the weekend, and they remain open for you to revisit at any time.

Happy Friday!

Sylvia and Sue

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Re: Day 5: Home stretch!

by Cindy Ives -

Thanks, Sylvia, for the encouraging start to Day 5. Unfortunately I don't even have a drafty draft :-(.

I'm still stuck in the reflections stage, and since I don't actually begin teaching again (after many years' absence) until January, I'm just not ready to move on. I think it's partly because I haven't yet adopted my new/ renewed identity as a teacher.

However, I'll spend much of today on this, and may have something later. In the meantime, if others are stuck, you'll know you are not alone.

Best to all...

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Re: Day 5: Home stretch!

by Sue Hellman -

HI Cindy, 

I think you've actually come a long way this week. When you are asked to write your TPS, a lot of the pre-thinking will be done. If you want to do one when you're in your new position, you might wait until the end of semester or year 1. Use it as a way to look back at what you thought would work and what turned out to be effective. We didn't anticipate that everyone would get much past the first draft in such a short time. This is one of the most difficult documents an educator can be asked to write. It takes time for thoughts to gel and a picture to emerge. In the meantime you have identified some priorities to take with you into your new work.  

Good luck in the new job. 



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Re: Day 5: Home stretch!

by Cindy Ives -

Thanks for the support, Sue.

I actually wrote 5 pages today that captured the highlights of my history as a teacher. It ends with where the TPS will begin, I think.

I look forward to the next step, and am so much better prepared for it as a result of this week's activities.