Day 3: The first draft

Day 3: The first draft

by Sue Hellman -
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assemble the pieces

We've reached midweek which means, if you're following the time line, that it's time to begin assembling your first draft. Patti and Leone have led the way by posting theirs in the Sharing Forum. These writers have taken very different approaches. One has rooted her statement in the way her own early learning challenges shaped her as a teacher. The other has focussed on how she supports students with learning challenges. However, both writers have given us a look at what's most important to them as educators -- which is the most important theme of any TPS. 

A couple of suggestions: 

1) It's OK to jump right into brainstorming (tab 2) and composing (tab 3). Not everyone is comfortable with starting from 'WHY'. Often this emerges as one works through a set of guiding questions. 

2) The forum is useful for general reactions, but if you'd like more targeted suggestions, you could use a Google Doc with comments enabled and share the link.

3) If you prefer to share your TPS as an example only (no feedback), please add that to the subject line and put an extra reminder at the end of your post. This option is offered as a response to concerns about 'mandatory collaboration' mentioned in the pre-course survey.

4) It's also possible to share a previous TPS written prior to the course. In this case you might provide some direction to us readers as to what kind of feedback you're looking for. 

Finally, we're looking forward to reading your drafts. For there to be enough time to respond thoughtfully, it would be a good idea to set today or midway through Thursday as your goal for sharing your draft. We recognize that this is a 'big ask' but encourage you to try to get a first draft done before the end of the week.