Day 2: The journey begins

Day 2: The journey begins

by Sue Hellman -
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Road into the mist

First I want to say hello and welcome to this TPS-writing journey. 

As you may have seen yesterday, there's very little agreement among advise-givers about how to accomplish this task which is partly what makes a TPS so challenging to write. Days 1 & 2 of this week are devoted to reflecting and brainstorming about why teaching is important to you and how that is expressed through what you do and how you do it. 

This mini-course has been designed so you can work through a sequence of writing process steps by following the tabs or browse for content that will help you over your specific hurdles. The Find Your WHY activity (tab 1b) came from an workshop I gave at UNB, Fredericton. You can skip through the topics using the Table of Contents on the right.. 

Book activity TOC

If there are any resources you hoped to find but are not seeing, please drop a note in the Open Forum. And again ... welcome!