It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!

by Sylvia Currie -
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What a mighty group of community builders! We've generated quite a collection of activities to grab and use in our own practice. And the course summary shows 160+ contributions over the week. That includes all of your excellent feedback and community-building creations. 

Please join me in thanking Colleen Grandy and Gina Bennett for their excellent facilitation. These MicroCourses offer a way for FLO facilitators to practice skills and experience team facilitation -- a capstone activity before taking the lead on future FLO courses. Colleen and Gina were very much part of the the planning and design of the course as well -- all volunteer and hugely appreciated!

Before you leave...

We say 5 days, but please feel free to tie up loose ends this weekend. You may also have bookmarked useful tools, articles and websites that would pump up our Resource Collection. I always find it interesting to browse the forum annotations as well. This course will remain available to you forever (if I have my way :-)), so feel free to come back to revisit anytime.

You will have received a course evaluation via email on Friday. Please let us know about your experience!

Our next MicroCourse is:

Write your teaching philosophy statement - November 26 - 30

Sign up before the start date and also complete the pre-course survey prepared by Sue Hellman to help with planning.

Your grateful FLO facilitators,

Sylvia, Gina, and Colleen