Day 5: It's Friday!

Day 5: It's Friday!

by Colleen Grandy -
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It’s Day 5, and we’re almost there! What a supportive and idea-filled four days. You are amazing humans!

If sticking to a suggested timeline makes your life easier, today you might want to:

  1. Review the fabulous community building activities submitted to the Sharing & Feedback Forum and offer some specific, constructive feedback.

  2. Reflect on feedback you’ve received and refine your draft activities.

  3. Continue any conversations that you feel need continuing (in the Open Forum, in the Sharing and Feedback Forum, or even way back in the Situating Activity).

  4. Ask or answer any final burning questions in the Open Forum.

  5. Pat yourself on the back for sticking with it this far!

Happy Friday,

Colleen, Gina, and Sylvia

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Re: Day 5: It's Friday!

by Sylvia Riessner -

Thanks to our 3 amazing human leaders - Colleen, Gina, SylviaC.

In the past, I've seen the value of co-facilitation with two; this week I really enjoyed the three different facilitation personalities.

I'll do my best to dive back into the discussion today - but it may overflow into my weekend.