Day 4: Show, Tell, & Ponder

Day 4: Show, Tell, & Ponder

by Gina Bennett -
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How was your Hallowe'en, people? We had 43 visitors, the most yet since our move to Hope. We almost ran out of candy -- & of course that had nothing to do with our rigorous quality control practice of "checking the product" every so often.

It's Day 4 (already!) of our microcourse. If you're following the recommended Activity Plan, you'll be somewhere along in the process of wrapping up your community-building "creation" & sharing it with the class. Indeed, if you check the Sharing & Feedback forum, you'll see 4 unique drafts of activities designed to initiate, develop, or further a sense of community among a group of learners.

If you haven't posted a community-building creation, no worries -- there's still time to do that. If all you've got is a rough idea or a 2-sentence concept, post it anyway & let us ponder it with you!

If you've already posted a creation, now is the time to explore ...

  • read, respond, & (if time permits) try out a community-building activity or 2 from your classmates
  • dig a little deeper to reflect on one or 2 questions posed by classmates about your activity.