Tara Vanderveer: Find/Create, post, vote!

Re: Tara Vanderveer: Find/Create, post, vote!

by Colleen Grandy -
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Hi Tara, 

An interdisciplinary northern #hashtag collaboration is a great idea! 

There were a lot of posts in our private class social forum (using tags in Moodle), but none shared more broadly on their personal social sites - I guess I didn't either, so probably some modelling would help!

Thank you for sharing your strategies for making class hashtags and social sharing successful. Next term, at the beginning of my class, I think I will try your suggestions! I will ask my students about their comfort with social media sharing, choose a few tools, and try some scaffolding/modelling to see how the sharing goes. 

Let's try this next term when my class is better prepared. I've learned it is tricky to bring in a new means of communicating more than half-way through the course (particularly in my asynchronous, online courses). 

Looking forward to connecting soon!