Colleen, Gina, and Sylvia: Situated Introductions

Re: Colleen, Gina, and Sylvia: Situated Introductions

by Colleen Grandy -
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Thank you for this feedback! We didn't add the "Situating Block" until Wednesday, so it makes sense if you didn't notice it. It was a bit of an experiment - I had never tried the "random glossary" block before and I was curious to see what it looked like. We hoped it might humanize the main page a bit, but of course - many people never go there! Good point. 

I also wondered about expanding the situating activity over a longer course and asking new situating questions throughout the term? I also thought it could be interesting to invite people to re-situate themselves "in the course" or "in the day" a few times during the term. It might become a sort-of communal journal-blog-ish-thing. At the end of the term it might be fun to use to reflect back on everyone's journeys/connections. The tags could continue or fizzle. 

I'm still not sure about the glossary. Part of me likes that it doesn't send notifications (cuts down on the volume of them, at least - which students often complain about) and there is no participation requirement, so it's ok if something goes unnoticed for a while, but for folks who never go to the course page, they may never see it. Maybe reminders, like Sylvia's about the tags, would help? Or maybe a different tool. Lots to think about!