It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thank you so much for your active and rich participation!

Of the 29 who signed up, 17 created rubrics and provided feedback to their peers. The course summary shows over 500 contributions over the week. Wow! Here's a list of posts I tagged to display the variety of rubrics at a glance.

Please join me in thanking Jacquie Harrison and Bettina Boyle for their excellent facilitation. These MicroCourses offer a way for FLO facilitators to practice skills and experience team facilitation -- a capstone activity before taking the lead on future FLO courses. Jacquie and Bettina were involved in the planning and design of the course as well -- all volunteer and hugely appreciated!

Before you leave...

We say 5 days, but please feel free to tie up loose ends this weekend -- post that revised rubric, or jump in with another bit of advice or praise. You may also have bookmarked useful articles and websites that would pump up our Resource Collection. And just so you know, this course will remain available to you, so feel free to come back to revisit anytime.

Did you find the MicroCourse peer feedback rubric useful? One question: Should we use this in future MicroCourses (which will always use a peer review model)? Add your comments to the bottom of the rubric page.

You will have received a course evaluation via email. Please let us know about your experience in this MicroCourse! 

Our next MicroCourses are in the calendar. Sign up!

Your grateful FLO facilitators