Day 5 - Home Stretch

Day 5 - Home Stretch

by Bettina Boyle -
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It's Day 5, the home stretch of the course! We, the facilitators, are just amazed at what 5 days have brought. You are truly an incredible bunch of people!

home base

Here is what to do today:

  1. Post revisions to your rubric based on the feedback you received - many of you have done this already! This could also be a more reflective post based on what you have learned or are taking away with you
  2. Continue the conversations with each other and look for connections (i.e. who else is doing something on "peer feedback"? who else is in nursing? etc.)
  3. Look for an email in your inbox with the called “Invitation to provide feedback” and complete the course evaluation (the email was sent Wednesday)

You may also want to check out this discussion and video posted by Christina, looking at rubrics from a student perspective!

Happy home stretch Friday,