My rubric - improving OLA design!

My rubric - improving OLA design!

by Sylvia Riessner -
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Somewhat late but hopefully still in time for some feedback! We're camping and wifi access has been a little harder to access than I thought.

I have been looking forward to trying the single point rubric structure as I thought it might be very helpful in encouraging instructors to step back and develop prototype learning activities to "test" their online course design (this is a rubric I would integrate within my FLO Design course)

I've looked at different iterations and think that I want to avoid trying to identify what "exceeds standards" or what "exceeds expectations" as that presumes that I've got set expectations. My rubric is intended as a guide for the conversation I have with each participant throughout the course - what do they want to achieve, will their intentions play out, through their design, for their learners?   

Purpose of the rubric:  to identify criteria to consider when designing a "good", "useful" prototype online learning activity which is part of an overall design or redesign of a course or unit of learning online

see rough draft below (if you're curious about FLO Design it's available in the SCoPE OER resources.



P.S. heading out for some beach walking before the rains descend. Back tonight I hope so I can continue learning from reading all the excellent examples I'm seeing posted in this forum.

Prototype Learning Activity

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Re: My rubric - improving OLA design!

by Sue Hellman -

Hi Sylvia. Camping out & still doing your homework -- you have my admiration :-). 

I like what you're doing here. Offering this as a self-assessment guide for potential course developers could help those who have not taken FLO courses shape their work to better fit the model. 

Any suggestions I might make, I'm sure you'll catch on your own in the second draft. :-)


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Re: My rubric - improving OLA design!

by Tara Vanderveer -

I really like this model. I cringe at the 0-1 rating system (though understand and appreciate their usefulness), so this is nice and refreshing. I also feel that it is a great model if  assessment is FOR learning. I am going to use this as a starting point for term-long work and Capstone projects. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: My rubric - improving OLA design!

by Janna van Kessel -

Hi Sylvia,

I completely agree with your underlying objectives for personalizing instructor responses and  respecting learner knowledge and interests.

You criteria allow for excellence as well as improvement.

My general question about the design of a single point rubric is if the location of the improvement/strengths columns would impact student response. Would student benefit form seeing the strength column on the left-hand side with the Improvement areas on the right-hand side?

I am thinking about this for our ABE students so that they do not get bogged down with needed improvements before they recognize the strengths of their work.

What great work while camping and walking!