Nadja's Rubric

Re: Nadja's Rubric

by Daniella Sieukaran -
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Interesting and unique rubric, Nadja! As it's so unique, it is not intuitive and takes some time to wrap my mind around it. However, you rename the "Criteria" column "Meets Expectations" or something like that, so that it says a transition: Concerns/Needs Improvement, Meets Expectations, Advance/Exceeds Expectations.

Or if you want to stick to your headings, maybe move "Criteria" as the first column, and have a column for "Average" kind of work... so that instructors can give feedback if you're work is average... for example, there may not be an area for concern, but maybe an area for improvement. So, it's not that the student did badly, but if they want to reach the "Advanced" stage, what can they do to improve - so that kind of feedback would go under "Concerns." Having a place for that kind of comment could be useful.