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by Daniella Sieukaran -
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I won't be posting a revised rubric as I have a meeting with my boss next week to discuss fine-tuning it. However, I really appreciate the feedback I received from my peers. I haven't created rubrics in a while and felt a little rusty and my peers confirmed the areas of weakness I thought I had, most specifically not differentiating the first two levels enough. It was a concern I had while making the rubric and where I felt a little less confident.

Moving forward, I will focus more on differentiating levels and using language effectively to do so. I will also take away the idea that rubrics can be used in ANY type of course; doesn't matter if it's a course that is more commonly exams, like science and math. It gives me the confidence to push forward suggesting using rubrics in what may seem like unorthodox ways and stay affirmative in my rationale for why I believe it's the best way to assess students in certain cases.