Day 3 – We’re on a roll!

Day 3 – We’re on a roll!

by Bettina Boyle -
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We’re on Day 3 and there’s lots of activity happening in the course: Research, creating, sharing, lights going on!


Four of you have shared your rubrics and questions in the Sharing & Feedback Forum already, which is great! Karen got us started with a rubric for a reflective essay assignment and we’ve got analytical and single point rubrics from Christina, Leonne and Janna.

The suggested time frame is for all of you to share your rubric by the end of the day today. The earlier the better, as it allows more time for people to comment and offer feedback.

And if you’re hesitating to post because what you’ve got is not “finished” – don’t hesitate! Everyone who’s shared so far has several questions and are posting drafts. So, post what you have and seek input from your peers!

Lastly, be sure to also check out the lively conversation in the Q&A forum on The Single Point Rubric initiated by Tara. Some great input and resources – and it sounds like several of you are inspired to try out the Single Point Rubric for this course.

Keep it rolling!