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by Leonne Beebe -
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Thanks for the thought-provoking questions, and I still have many in my mind also. I hope to have this rubric in place for our late term starting at the end of October, so this is still a  work in progress. I want  to reinforce and have students see the direct relationship between the four factors, the three Ms and their learning process/progress.  

In my thinking about using this rubric with my students: I used to have them write answers to guided reflection questions after each exam, which focused on how they felt about their results and their study process.  This worked well for those who liked to write, but for those who didn't like writing, reflections were ignored or poorly done. I think the easiness of filing out the rubric instead of writing would result in more involvement from the student. I would use their rubric along with their test results as the basis for a discussion with the student in terms of their success or lack of success, where they could improve or celebrate their improvement.  

All suggestions and questions are appreciated.

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