Janna's COMP rubric draft

Janna's COMP rubric draft

by Janna van Kessel -
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Computer Fundamentals – Special Project Presentation

I am working with the current instructor who does not have a rubric for this new special topics assignment. As such, I might still be missing some criteria or standards for each criteria and I might need to adjust the weighting or point scale.

The course is an elective and within our Adult Basic Education program and taken by learners. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a range of application experiences (email/browser/research, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.). This project will occur at the end of the course and allow learners to either expand on one of the areas introduced during the course or to delve into a new area of technology that interests them or that has personal relevance to their work environment or future program goals. Students will choose their topic and use presentation software to explain their topic to the class. My understanding is that this project will occur in phases to support learner success in the project planning and development, but this rubric focuses on the final product – the presentation content and delivery.

My goal is to produce a clear single point rubric. While, analytic in terms of the inclusion of criteria, I feel that this single-point style does makes a rubric easier for the learner to understand what is expected as well as an enhanced opportunity for specific feedback. And, I appreciate that I would not need to imagine all ways in which a learner might exceed (or not meet) expectations, which definitely creates a hot mess or a pickle for me!

This is a very rough draft so I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts! I am trying to balance out room for feedback with specific scoring within each criteria.

I will also attach a copy of the file for (hopefully) easier viewing.

thanks again,




Assignment Standards

Expectations for  your assignment


Areas that exceed the assignment standards



Areas of the assignment that need work


Criteria total








-information is presented in a logical sequence

-shows the specific steps needed for their technology tool









- includes at least 2 specific examples of  security features/ tools that are relevant to the topic and why each is important

-able to answer all questions about the topic in detail







Visual items (graphics, images, etc.)

- all graphics/ images support the content

-at least 4 different visuals are used








- clear voice with correct pronunciation of presentation content words








At least 3 different related references used

Reference page in APA format








Presentation file uploaded to course Moodle page


Self-evaluation completed







Assignment total



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Re: Janna's COMP rubric draft

by Christina Page -

Hi Janna,

Thanks for taking the risk of being the first to post here.  From the sounds of things, you're working to develop a rubric for a course that's not your own -- a scenario I also find myself in.

I found that your critieria are clearly written, and I could understand what was expected at each stage.  As you mentioned, you haven't sorted through the weighting yet -- and I wonder if variable weighting for different components would make sense for this assignment (e.g. I might consider weighing content much more heavily than submission).

My other question for you would be whether you would consider reorganizing presentation  Rather than having the 0-4 checkboxes, I might put the meets expectations criteria directly under the number 3 (assuming that's what grade would be given), with the space to the left for items that exceed expectations and earn a four, and space to the right for deficiencies that might merit a 1 or 2.

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Re: Janna's COMP rubric draft

by Leonne Beebe -


You have managed to organize a quantity of information into an easy-to-follow format for the student to follow.  The tech language is easy for the ABE learner to recognize and understand.

My one thought and suggestion would be for your rating describers.  As a student, I would like to see a describer between "Innovative" and "Developing" - perhaps "Achieving" "Areas that meed the assignment standards".  I would do my best to achieve the standard, but I might not be innovative, and I might not need to work on any areas. 


Areas that exceed the assignment standards



Areas of the assignment that need work

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Re: Janna's COMP rubric draft

by Tara Vanderveer -

Hi Janna!

Thanks for posting early :)

Here are some points that stand out to me


I love Innovative, developing and missing. These terms mean something novel to learners and allow for that "je ne said quoi"/subjectivity that is required of some assignments by the nature of the work (as opposed to does not meet, meets, exceeds).

Simple, easy to follow.


- listing a number for things makes it very check-listy and does not speak to the quality of those items. For example, 3 references. Are they peer-reviewed? Are they appropriate? Are they well-integrated? A student could quickly argue based on what is there that I have 3 references, they are wikipedia, John Oliver's Show and WebMD, but I have 3!

Maybe something like: Sources are appropriate in quality and number and well-incorporated to support learner work. Or something? I think there is a bit of a rabbit hole too because learners could ask "what is appropriate"..but I would probably respond, we discussed it in class. :) YAY RUBRICS!

- I would add a column for feedback

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Re: Janna's COMP rubric draft

by Janna van Kessel -

HI everyone,

Thank you all so much for your feedback on such an early draft for that course that I am not currently teaching!

In my late-night fog, I ran out of time for weightings, but submission of an assignment would definitely be weighted a lot less that content. I also neglected to point out that I designed wider columns to allow for personalizes, written feedback in association with the mark assigned!

Thanks to for the reminder under my descriptive scale terms, classroom considerations, etc.

Lots to think about for my revisions and thanks for such a great forum for feedback!


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Re: Janna's COMP rubric draft2

by Janna van Kessel -

I truly appreciate all of the amazing feedback, seeing everyone's rubrics, and thinking a lot more about the future work required for my rubric. My work demands (spilling well into evenings) have impacted my participation, but I hope to jump on again during the weekend. Is there an opportunity to connect through this forum on a more ongoing basis?

I was able to squeeze in the very helpful feedback and will continue with my work-in-progress as I consult with instructors who are currently teaching the course. Further, I am very interested in deepening my knowledge of single point rubrics and the co-creation of rubrics with learners. I also found this condensed session a great challenge for me as a learner to try to quickly process and apply new knowledge and look forward to integrating additional elements with time.

warm wishes,