Janet's Second Attempt

Janet's Second Attempt

by Janet Webster -
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Hello All,

I have added an introductory slide, slowed down the screenshots, eliminated the duplication of slides, added some content, changed the music (just for fun). Perhaps the cheerful music is incongruous with the 19th c. paper grading flow slide :)

It's all a very straight forward video, but it has helped me clarify what my colleague and I have written in our interim report about our collaborative progress.

I think I could still simplify even more and add voice over.....

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Re: Janet's Second Attempt

by Sylvia Currie -

Janet, I laughed at your comment about the cheerful music. I thought yes, I am bopping in my chair while looking at a slide that says assessment workflows are stuck in the 19th century. :-D

This is a huge improvement. Slowing everything down make a big difference, doesn't it?

I also found your comment interesting that this process has helped you to clarify what you and your colleague have written about the project. Sometimes being "forced" into a different medium and format can do that. Also, you need to get key points across in a short amount of time, which causes you to sort through what's important. 

I don't know if your version of iMovie is the same as mine, but this is how I change font colour:

screen shot of iMovie

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Re: Janet's Second Attempt

by Leonne Beebe -


What an improvement you have made.  The music just seems to be moving the slides happily along, and the variety of how the slides are moving, from scrolling up and down and from side to side, adds an interesting flow to your video. Your visuals display the content of your video in an easy-to- get format. When you have time, you may want to change the colour of your overlay print to red or green, so the words stand out as the background changes. Such a difference.

Out of confusion comes clarity.