The Biggest questions we don't know how to ask

Re: The Biggest questions we don't know how to ask

by chris macrae -
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does anyone know of a website which organises learning aroynd 100 or however many candidates for worth understanding - providing some bookmarks and texts to erad ; and then at the bottom of each candidate permitting a moderated thread to include:


alternative nominations in the same area

It seems to me that if we diversely sourced such a web its cross-cultural learning potential could inforemally chnage the world; and the cost of starting this up most be minimal compared with developing any curriculum anywhere

I just think there are some gloabl and local communal projects of thsi sort that could change learning at so little cost - alterantive questions:

if you agree, why's it not being done

if you diagree, or don't yet get what I mean , why not clarify with a question...