What does 'Open' mean to you?

Re: What does 'Open' mean to you?

by Nicola Avery -
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Hi, at my uni, they recently recorded some videos and experimented with showing on the public website as webisodes, this was the first time video had been released for viewing publicly. There was no way to download them though and in that sense it did not 'feel' open to me, even though people with appropriate software could view them.

I asked around various depts and they said they had a 'todo' to set up a Surrey YouTube channel but due to staff / resources had not progressed further. In one case they were unaware of what things like widgets were - such as Add This / Download type buttons but once explained they were in favour (however this was only a few members of staff, could not claim that this is representative of the university) I had asked re copyright because it appeared to be an external company in one case but apparently the uni owns the rights to them.

They are progressing with various things including ability to download videos from the website - they hope to have completed, in the next six months. Having options to 'do stuff' with the videos does seem more flexible just by them being present on the page.