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by Sylvia Currie -
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I'm always willing to play! Therese, I'm glad you're willing to bring back the practice of tagging SCoPE seminars by forum ID. I remember in an earlier seminar someone commenting that it's too difficult to remember the tags that are made up of SCoPE + forum ID. But it does seem like a good idea to have a set format so we don't need to negotiate a good tag each seminar.

If anyone is wondering what we're talking about, the number we use appears at the end of the seminar URL:

So the tag for this seminar is SCOPE1222

I'll get busy tagging the resources so far. Colby, I don't have a separate SCoPE delicious account but maybe I should? That's a question I always struggle with in my role as community coordinator!

Thanks you two for helping to keep things organized in SCoPE!