What we have talked about - see the wiki!

What we have talked about - see the wiki!

by Laura Proctor -
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Hi Everyone:
Some interesting topics have come up in this discussion and some new, more focused questions still to be tackled have become clearer. The wiki is a place we can use to summarise and formulate the next questions. There is a little structure in place, and everyone is invited to add to the existing pages - or add new pages if you'd like. Please visit the wiki!

regards, Laura
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Thank you!

by Sylvia Currie -

Thank you Laura for helping to bring us closer to understanding the boundaries that surround us and the many issues we face as we move beyond them. As expected, we are left with a number of questions that need to be explored further. That's the best part about SCoPE seminars! approve

During the next while we will be working behind the scenes to move and tidy up the SCoPE site. In many ways our next seminar is an extension of this one: Open Educational Resources, facilitated by Scott Leslie, January 19 - February 8, 2009. Hold those dates and we hope to see you all there!