Greetings from the Rockies!

Greetings from the Rockies!

by Gina Bennett -
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I'm really glad to see that this group has adopted SCoPE as a communication forum! I've been a participant on SCoPE for a long time & found it to be a great, low-threshold way to share ideas.

Hmm.... 3 skills or areas of expertise I'd like to share:

  • appreciative processes in curriculum development or course redesign
  • innovative approaches to evaluation
  • open pedagogy

... & 3 areas I'd love to know more about:

  • integration of mlearning techniques
  • alternative assessments
  • open pedagogy

Yes, I realize I have 'open pedagogy' in both categories! I know something about it, would be keen to share what I know, but would really like to know more.

Looking forward!