International dimensions in education

Data, information, knowledge, wisdom

by Sylvia Riessner -
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Hi Gina,

I hadn't seen the DIKW model before but I've engaged in some fairly long-winded discussions in George Siemen's current course about Connectivism and the nature of knowledge and knowing. Some of participants explain the difference between information and knowledge in similar terms but I haven't seen it as clearly defined (probably missed it cuz it was a huge discussion - easy to get lost).
It seems to be a very useful way to consider information in context. I'm still not sure if I agree with the way they define wisdom - seems less than what I consider wisdom but then I think wisdom is rare.
I realize that you and the other educators who presented at the ETUG sessions are aware of the cultural implications of what you share but I think I was reacting to the story of the man who wanted to take nursing videotapes home to use in his schools. What I would wish we could do in a situation like that is sit down with him and find out what he really needs and perhaps give him the tools and assistance to create his own.