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Re: collection(s) related to "sharing"

by David Millar -
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I thought I better distinguish between three topics I'm interested in.

1. Edublogs: I have no collection related to "sharing" yet. My previous post about "sharing" was in reference to my discovery of SCoPE and its GEN predecessor (thanks for your reply, Sylvia). However, with the aim of setting up in future a group blog (see 2), I have for the last  two months been collecting websites related to online collaboration and its principles, e-portfolios and e-learning, blog design, & place-specific blogs. (see edublogs, attached). In the last few days I have been using Delicious to aggregate similar sites and will be happy to discuss this in a future posting.

2. I have just moved to Montreal from Victoria BC, so a multilingual 'Voices of Montreal' site using recorded life-histories and podcasts is merely an idea at this stage. However, I would love to get advice from anyone about the best way to set it up. One concern I have is how to avoid inter-ethnic 'flaming', and/or how to establish collaborative principles by group consensus or informed consent.

3. CHIPSO: The collection mentioned in my previous posting is of primary sources, texts and images related to Canadian history. I hope to complete this project in the next few months.