Historical timelines & resources

Historical timelines & resources

by Richard Schwier -
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One of the things we discussed (was it with my students or here?) was the need to do some historical timelines of significant events in educational technology. I recently ran across a few I think you might find interesting:

The History of Virtual Learning Environments:

History, the History of Computers, and the History of Computers in Education: http://www.csulb.edu/~murdock/histofcs.html

Educational Technology Timeline: http://cgi.duke.edu/~frankbo/edtech02/main.pl?userChoice=history

Do you know of any others?

I also checked out the Wikipedia entry for history of educational technology. It has some significant holes, even from its strictly North American perspective, but it has some good information:


Also, here is a slideshow that I tripped across. Has some great quotes:

Do you know of other resources we can add?
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Re: Historical timelines & resources

by Richard Millwood -
I have been working on a project called the National Archive of Educational Computing (UK) for a while now - the site is at http://www.naec.org.uk/

I have used the Timeline software from the MIT Simile project.

It has a long way to go, is intended for the UK, but happy to share strategies and make cross links...
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Re: Historical timelines & resources

by Richard Schwier -
Thanks so very much, Richard! Your work looks fabulous, and we're envious of how far along you are with it! We have been hoping all along that this project could include contributions from around the world, so linking to your site would be wonderful.

Also, your name for it -- calling it an archive -- may give us just the solution we've been searching for. We've struggled with what to call this "thing" for awhile, and none of us was particularly happy with "museum" or "repository" for all of the obvious reasons. But archive is simple, direct and unassuming.

I'm also impressed with your categorization of items into stories, organisatins, artefacts, people, collections, links and events.

Was this a labour of love for you?