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I had also hoped to do an interview or two but scheduling hasn't worked out. Picking up on Alice's earlier post...

From Re: Virtual Museum Project Live Sessions by alicemac on Thu Oct 2 09:07:00 2008:
I think that we each have our lists of influential people on the technology side. Mine is populated with people that you have probably never heard of, but who I work with and who have been pecking away at this for decades but do not write scholarly papers.

I'd like to see some narratives of these types of people, not just the "famous" ones.

The best parts of museums for me has always been the exhibits and re-enactments of ordinary life "back in the day".

I'm thinking it would be neat to start a series of blog posts -- narratives of individuals in the EdTech world that have influenced our lives. Of course some of these people will be "famous", too!

I added the tag: edtechmuseum in this seminar description. Perhaps we can agree to use that, and also to add a link to our blog posts from the Acquisitions wiki page.