Session 5: Wrapping up plus advice on OERu vision and mission

Session 5: Wrapping up plus advice on OERu vision and mission

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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Hi everyone,

I appreciate the calibre of contributions in helping the OERu to develop its strategic plan during this SCoPE seminar. Yesterday the OERu Strategic Planning working group convened to review progress on our open consultation. (Report of the meeting is posted here.)  Of interest, since posting the strategic planning pages in the wiki, we have recorded +3,700 page views, so folk are reading the documentation.

We are in a good position to commence the drafting of the OERu strategic plan for the OERu November series of meetings leading to the final approval by the OER Foundation. 

We would appreciate your thoughts and advice on developing a compelling vision and mission statement for the OERu strategic plan.

To provide context, the OERu is a flagship initiative of the OER Foundation (OERF) which is an independent charitable organisation. The vision of the OERF is to foster and support the development of sustainable ecosystems for open education worldwide. We do this by supporting educators and educational institutions in achieving their strategic objectives using open education approaches. 

Look forward to reading and implementing your recommendations.