Session 2: Review of the draft strategic goals

Re: Session 2: Review of the draft strategic goals

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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Hi Marc,

Thanks for getting back to us - I appreciate that.

That's a clever way to use Google Sites to provide a navigation shell for a collection of course documents to provide a more attractive and polished way of looking at the course.

The OERu course snapshot is not that far removed from the approach you are using. In stead of documents we use individual wiki pages (which can be downloaded in open document format or pdf.)  The course snapshot provides the navigation, look and feel with the advantages of a CSS framework for responsive design.  We have the added advantage of a detailed edit history for collborative / distributed authoring and the ability to target specific instances for the snapshot. The wiki also provides a good way to manage the metadata of openly licensed images.   

Yes, with access to the Word documents we will be able to automate getting a draft into the wiki.  We will need to have a think about images, in particular the metadata for openly licensed images embedded in the course resources.

Correct, when the Unisa course was first nominated, we were not thinking about micro-courses. But that's my point - if the OER development was conducted openly -- we would have had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of a micro-format and potentially have avoided duplication of effort ;-).

No worries - design is an iterative process and we are all learning with each new iteration of the OERu courseware.

Looking forward to seeing the open version of the Critical Reasoning course. This will be a major edition to the OERu collection.