ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - “20/20: Reflecting on the Past; Looking to the Future”

Session: Envisioning a Learner's Future

Session: Envisioning a Learner's Future

by jason mcalister -
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Join us in the session Envisioning a Learner’s Future: Development of Learner Networks (Thursday 10:40-11:30) and explore opportunities for learners to share contextualized lessons within a network.  This session is facilitated by, and intended for, novices; experts in educational networks may wish to attend the outstanding concurrent sessions that are offered.  If you are interested in beginning to think about how you might develop networks for your learners through contextualization of lessons, we welcome you in this session to come participate and experiment!   

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Re: Session: Envisioning a Learner's Future

by Leva Lee -

Hi Jason,

I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend your session and connect with you to chat about networks and contextualized lessons. Please share what happened in your session here in Scope or get in touch! Thanks!