Qualitative Online Interviews: 1 - 16 May, 2014

About the book, Qualitative Online Interviews

About the book, Qualitative Online Interviews

by Janet Salmons -
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Qualitative Online Interviews

Qualitative Online Interviews shows how and why to use the Internet for qualitative research.


This new book is available from Sage Publications in print and in CourseSmart e-book formats, or from your favorite bookseller. (For a discount when purchasing from Sage, use this code.)

The Internet is transforming higher education, one established bastion at a time. E-learning allows students anywhere to access classes and interact with professors and peers. Now the Internet is transforming research, and similarly, re-shaping the universe of scholarship. With the advent of pervasive, mobile online communications researchers can interview participants from across the globe to create knowledge that we need to understand our changing world. 

Qualitative Online Interviews offers a thorough foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of qualitative research online. It is organized using the E-Interview Research Framework (Salmons, 2012, 2015) to provide a systematic, holistic process for exploring each stage of the design and conduct of research.

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