A way 'in' to the 25 factors of emergence

A way 'in' to the 25 factors of emergence

by Roy Williams -
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The Footprints of Emergence provides a method, and a toolkit, to describe and communicate the complexity of learner experience in the new 'open-courses'. 

It's not a simple matter, particularly if we want to track the dynamics of changes in learner experience over time.  

So, here is one way to describe the four 'clusters' or 'quadrants' that form the basis for the way we make sense of the 25 emergent factors.  This might make it easier to get a sense of what the footprints are all about ... 



What is the balance between Openness and Structure?




How are you able to interact with/ in the learning space?


Independent Initiative

Do you develop your own capacity for action, or just compliance with fixed roles?




What traces (and connections) do you make and leave behind  you?


 The five or six 'factors' for each quadrant are, then, the next layer of description of the details of what is critical for emergence and emergent learning.