Coming to the end of our discussion

Coming to the end of our discussion

by Jenny Mackness -
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Just to let everyone know that officially we are past our allotted time for this event - but discussion has been so animated and is still ongoing - so we are going to continue here until the end of this week  - Friday 6th December - after which we will move to the space for our special interest group. See

Anyone who would like to continue these discussions is welcome to join us there and/or contribute to our open wiki Footprints of Emergence

So there is still time to add your thoughts to these discussion threads - or add a footprint.

Jenny, Roy and Simone

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Last day of this seminar

by Jenny Mackness -

Now that we have reached the end of this seminar, just to say a big thank you to all who have posted to the forums, attended the webinars and contributed a footprint. The discussion has been highly stimulating and we feel we have learned a lot from the experience and from you all.

Sylvia has said that it may be possible to copy all the dicussion posts over to our special interest group space - - which will make a great archive.

We are particularly interested to follow up on some of the criticisms we have received - see for example this blog post - - and comments in the forums from Nick Kearney - and see what we can do to make the process of drawing footprints more intuitive. That should be an interesting challenge for the coming months :-)

A big thank you also to Sylvia for all her help and support, which is very much appreciated - and hoping that we will all be able to continue our discussions in one way or another.

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Re: Last day of this seminar

by Scott Johnson -

Thanks everyone really interesting process.

Jenny, can we post more comments at group site?


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Re: Last day of this seminar

by Jenny Mackness -

Hi Scott - it's been great to have your contribution to these discussions. Thank you so much.

And yes - please do post comments to the special interest group site. Feel free to open a forum.

I will be a bit tied up with another project over the coming week - but really do hope that we can continue this discussion there.


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Re: Thank You!

by Sylvia Currie -

This is a bit of a delayed thank you. I'm travelling at the moment, and just visited the Universidad de Ibague in Colombia where I had an opportunity to share the Footprints of Emergence seminar in a workshop with faculty. They were very interested, so let's hope to see some Footprints in Espanol! :-)

Thank you so much Jenny, Roy, and Simone, for sharing your work and supporting us all as we fiddled with our own footprints. It's an absolutely fascinating process, and we look forward to continuing discussions in your Special Interest Group. And yes, I can copy over this forum to that space -- that way we will have the archive within easy reach and our posts will be combined with future discussions in the forum search. 

Thanks everyone! We're busy planning seminars for the new year so please be in touch if you have something to add to the schedule. 

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Re: Coming to the end of our discussion

by Joyce McKnight -

I truly enjoyed the ideas expressed here...the concept of emerging learning and especially the visual footprint were especially useful.  Because of a family emergency, I was not able to truly tie up loose ends as I would have like to have done, but I enjoyed the sharing.   I love these ScopE seminars.   All the best to all.   Joyce McKnight, SUNY Empire State College.

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Re: Coming to the end of our discussion

by Kathleen Zarubin -

Yes, met too and thank you everyone.  I got 'distracted'  but I found this whole concept fasinacting and have saved  the various links & threads etc. 

thanks again everyone

Cheers Kathleen

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Thank you Re: Coming to the end of our discussion

by Colby Stuart -

These discussions have opened up so many perspectives and gaps. Thank you for all the perspectives, and let's figure out what to do with the gaps. This discussion platform has provoked learning beyond footprints. Twas a really fascinating group with brilliant ideas and questions.

Thank you.