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by Kim Hobbs -
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One of my favourite museums is the “Royal Tyrrell Museum” in Drumheller. 

This museum is exciting in that it is only a starting point for the study of the hills beyond the museum.  .  The museum website which  provides online virtual tours, slide shows and audio feeds giving you a preview of what to expect at the museum.  There are several features within the building that make it a rewarding experience.  You can choose between guided and self guided tours.  The path inside the museum leads you through time and the various eras of the dinosaurs.  The interactive nature of the exhibits allows you to explore areas of interest in more depth.  The lighting, sound effects and commentaries all lend to the inviting atmosphere.


I would like to compare my best museum or tour experiences to shopping at IKEA. (  IKEA has a lot to offer but has laid out their store in a very organized path which the shopper must follow.  You can travel along the path at your own speed stopping to explore as you choose.  You decide if you would like to meander through all the displays or pass quickly by heading directly to what you are looking for that day.  This experience leaves me with the feeling that I haven’t missed something important.