Sharing openly: lead by example!

Sharing openly: lead by example!

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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During our quality discussions, Christine referenced the Quality eToolkit. This is a high quality set of resources -- I know becuase the TANZ eCampus initiative here in New Zealand have been using these resources with permission for building quality standards for the TANZ partnership.

In this forum, we asked whether these resources could be relicensed under an open content license.

The team responded immediately to this challenge and the Quality eToolkit now has a spanking new Creative Commons Attribution License. Kudos to for leading by example.

The OERu now has an exemplary set of materials on which to build and improve our quality.

Thank you for sharing knowledge freely -- working together we will achieve more than working alone.


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Re: Sharing openly: lead by example!

by David Porter -

Bravo eCampusAlberta.  Way to go!