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Buggy Whip Makers

by Steve Foerster -
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I wouldn't call it survival of the fit so much as non-subsidising of the unnecessary.  A century ago when cars replaced horses as the dominant means of transportation, buggy whip makers went out of business because their product was no longer needed.  Any process of improvement means ending that which is inefficient in favour of that which works better.

Specifically to our situation, considering the attitudes we face with the Big 5 commercial publishers, I'm not particulary concerned about producers of open alternatives being noncooperative, especially when the better licenses involved specifically allow for others to adapt released material.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to kill off bookstores and libraries either.  But students come first, and if their needs are met without a campus bookstore, there's no reason to jack prices up to ensure one is there.  And I'm not worried about libraries at all -- our recent experience with XPERT shows that in the digital age competent librarians are as valuable as ever.