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TASK 7 (Dec 14): Let's start issuing seminar badges

Re: TASK 7 (Dec 14): Let's start issuing seminar badges

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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Hi Peter in response to your comments / questions:

Peter wrote: Would you think it would be a good idea to get Mozilla Open Badges working against Wikiversity, WikiEducator or other MediaWiki site?

In general, I don't think its a good idea for open projects to be working "against" each other. Its not the way we generally work in the open world.

Mozilla is developing an open architecture which shouldn't be too hard to implement across Mediawiki sites. I think the Wikipedia, Wikiversity and WikiEducator communities provide fertile ground for implementation of open badges as these communities have been working with badge-like awards prior to the concept of Open Badges, eg Barnstars in Wikipedia and the Wikimaster typology in WikiEducator. 

The OERu collaboration will be considering the implementation of digital badges and I will be building this into the design of the Open Education Practice elective for the new  Diploma in Tertiary Education which Otago Poly will be offering as OER through the OERu network.  Still undecided as to the technical implementation detail and we're experimenting with alternatives. 

Peter wrote: your comment about international issues adjusted my approach at the beginning of the seminar series.

Appreciated your adjustment to the teaching delivery for international time zones, but the corresponding badge criteria were not adjusted ;-). My point being that if a learner was sleeping at the time of a synchronous session -- it would be unreasonable to specify participation as a criterion for earning a badge.  

Peter wrote: Unfortunately, the codecs were beyond my control, but I will keep this in mind when facilitating other similar international seminars.

Fair comment about technology being out of your control -- but again one of the badge criteria required participation in the synchronous session. It would be unreasonable to expect a learner to sacrifice their freedoms in software choice in order to qualify for the badge. Just saying that if technology choices are not in the control of facilitator or learner -- we should adjust the badge criteria accordingly. Just highlighting the issues we need to consider for reliable and equitable assessment :-).


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Re: TASK 7 (Dec 14): Let's start issuing seminar badges

by Peter Rawsthorne -

Wayne Mackintosh wrote,

In general, I don't think its a good idea for open projects to be working "against" each other. Its not the way we generally work in the open world.

Completely agree with you. Poor choice of words on my behalf, what I meant to say was "get Mozilla Open Badges working with Wikiversity, WikiEducator or other MediaWiki site?" I sometimes use "against" when I describe using an Open API, I use it more like I lean against a wall, where the wall is providing me something to lean against. I program against an open API. Anyhow...

Good to read that you are considering using digital badges with your diploma in tertiary education.

You make very good points about considering internationalization within course criteria, technology, and badge earning criteria. When I developed the course it was for BCCampus where the learner cohort was from within the province of BC. I was caught by surprise by the number of non-BC residence who participated... all good.

When I spend my time with working with Mozilla Open Badges team and P2Pu I usually have the same online events (livestreamed deliveries) twice, with the purpose to provide international coverage. I do think you bring up an interesting point toward online education and badge criteria... if the online course is meant to be international and assessment criteria is tied to participation in online events, it may be a good idea to run the online event more than once to get time zone coverage...

Always apppretiate your internationalization views... thanks.