Digital Badges - Dec 1-15, 2012

The weight of badges

The weight of badges

by Peter Rawsthorne -
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There has been a few comments about "lightweight" badges... That I felt created an interesting opportunity to clarify a couple of subjects and leads into the current task.

  1. The "weight" of a badge or badge system is determined by the people or organization issuing the badge. I believe this weight depends on the abilities, skills, knowledge, etc of learners and context for learning.
  2. The Mozilla Open Badges is an infrastructure to support the issuing, storage, and display of badges. The badges from Open Badges are for example purposes (not meant to have any "weight") and are there to get people using the infrastructure.
  3. If you have the time I strongly suggest you explore some of the badges issued in Dr. Wiley,s course; In particular the data visualization programmer ninja badge.

If you want a good look at the different badge systems explote TASK 6 where we beging to look into the different badge systems... all good.