Complete the TASKS based on your time zone

Re: Complete the TASKS based on your time zone

by Peter Rawsthorne -
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Do your best and join the discussion on as many threads as you like... The daily tasks are loose guidelines and we have people participating from all corners of the globe and jumping in at different tasks.

I am going to be loosely following the dates associated with each task and jump into discussion where I see I have something to add. Today, being the morning of December 4th PST. I am mostly focused of the TASK 3 discussion, I am still looking at TASK 2 discussion. I published the TASK 5 discussion last night.

I am publishing each task the evening before the day starts in New Zealand. We have participants in New Zealand and Australia... So I wanted them to be able to participate without having to do a timezone calculation...

Thsnkd for asking...