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Re: Quantifying engagement thanks for your comment

by Joyce McKnight -
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Thanks for your comment about my participation.  I sometimes worry that I "talk" too much.  I would like to comment on one thing you said though:

In the broader informal self-directed learning and interacting ‘world’ I sometimes find myself being a listener, watcher, observer rather than a contributor.  This can be because I am time poor (as we all are) or more often because I’m not sure my contribution will be seen as ‘worthy enough’ (?) .. of a high enough standard (?) … contribute something that is meaningful or valuable enough.  And so I fall back on the ‘I agree’ comment to show I am here, I’m listening, without having to step out and be seen / heard / possibly

judged.   In the real world where I don't have to "grade" anybody, I really like good listeners like you who pay careful attention and then weigh in... such carefully framed comments are usually very wise and provide excellent guidance. In this case I really like the idea of saying "I agree because..."  Or "your project is wonderful because..."   etc. such statements do move learning along whether in face to face or online situations.   All the best. JMcK


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