OER World Map Discussion November 12-30, 2012

OER World Map Discussion November 12-30, 2012

by simon fenton-jones -
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HI Sylvia,

I wasn't quite sure if this would be of interest to SCOPE members, or where it should go. But it seems important because there are so many OER and OCW initiatives around the world, and so far as "alternative futures" are concerned, each will be trying to understand how one may support/complement the others.

It would be nice to have this discussion here as I find email lists so tiring to follow.

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Re: OER World Map

by Sylvia Currie -

Thanks so much for pointing to the 'Mapping the landscape of Open Educational Resources institutional initiatives' event, Simon. I've been immersed in so many face-to-face events this month that I completely missed hearing about it. (I'm realizing how difficult it is to be both present AND connected!)

The OER discussion a perfect follow-on to earlier SCoPE seminars:

I agree, email lists have their place, but it's not ideal tool for structured discussions -- unless you can rely on everyone to remove email signatures, prune what they include in replies, adjust subject headings.... which of course you can't! Furthermore, no annotation, no hyperlinking to earlier posts...  

In any case, the OER Worldmap discussion is very important and I hope everyone will join!

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Re: OER World Map

by simon fenton-jones -

Thanks Sylvia,

Hey! Who can keep up? Thanks for putting the previous seminars. I'm just trying to pul a few things together now. It comes down to this idea of having peple like yourself, meena and a few other good moderators scattered around the world. collaborate. (nothing original there). But you've pointed out why a moodle is useful.

There's just been a(nother) conference in Europe where this mapping approach seems interesting. Regardless, progress here come down to what i was saying earlier about having an online space from where, by collaborating, they bring a bunch of now remote communities together. Just as example of the kind of team and environment I'm talking about.

But I'm voting for you as team leader. Be good.