SCoPE: Next Steps: September 17-26, 2008

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

by Sylvia Currie -
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All the great suggestions for the future of scope are really appreciated!

In addition to our discussion here I received email from members to say how much they enjoy the scheduled seminars in SCoPE. One suggested that we hear more about how the special interest group spaces in SCoPE are used, particularly the private ones. Good idea! Another suggestion via email was to spiffy up the MicroSCoPE newsletter. Currently I send these out using a Moodle forum using text only. It's convenient because I don't have to maintain a separate mailing list, and it's easy for members to manage their subscriptions. If anybody has some newsletter know-how I'd love to hear from you!

On a personal note, it's been really satisfying work over the past 3 years to be helping to coordinate SCoPE activities and to be among so many people who are willing to give back to the community. approve

I will keep the Seminar Topics and Roles wiki up-to-date with any topic ideas that emerge through our discussions. As ideas come to you be sure to jump in there to add it to the wiki. And if you're willing, we can try using the wiki as a way to volunteer for the various roles to support our facilitators.

Speaking of supporting our facilitators, our next seminar discussion will definitely be a roll-your-sleeves-up kind of event. Beginning October 1 Richard Schwier from the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan will be launching the design phase of a new Virtual Museum on the History of Educational Technology. You're all invited to bring your stories, accounts of successes and failures, profiles of key contributors to the field, and artifacts, as we build this resource together. The seminar will kick off with a live session October 1st, 9:00 am (PDT) 16:00 UTC, moderated by George Siemens. A link to the live session will be posted in Virtual Museum forum soon.

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator
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Re: Thanks everyone!

by Jeffrey Keefer -

Sylvia, thank you for staying on top of all this.

Question about next steps--now that people put forth a bunch of ideas, what do you do with all of them? It will be interesting to hear more about how you process what you heard and learned and then move forward. How does that part of the planning process work?

Thank you.