Welcome to SCoPE Next Steps

Re: Welcome to SCoPE Next Steps

by Janet Salmons -
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Hello Sylvia and everyone,

Sorry for my late response!

You asked:

  • What have you liked about SCoPE? 
    I like the sense of community, and the diversity of the community. While social media is fun, this format, to me, allows for deeper exchange and continuity.

I like the seminars-- giving and either participating or reading. The forum to email features of this platform allow for both in-depth posting and casual reading.

  • What would you change? 
    Not much!
  • What are your ideas for future activities?
    I would like to see more seminars on research-oriented topics as well as the instructional approaches typically covered. I would like to see more focus on graduate-level teaching and learning.

    I would like to see some more in-depth classes, perhaps longer than the 2-3 week seminars. 
  • How has SCoPE helped you?
    I feel connected with others of like mind.
  • How do you think SCoPE can be improved to have more impact?
    I am not sure how to create the opportunity for more in-depth, engaged seminars with consistent participation. On one hand, making seminars free means they are open, on the other hand perhaps a small fee (and honorarium for facilitator) might encourage those who sign up to make an effort to consistently participate. 

    It would be interesting to create some tie-ins with writing and publishing. Might SCoPE be a place where one could find research and writing partners, contributors, etc.? Perhaps developing relationships with relevant journals and/or publishers? Or even e-book distributors for self-publishing? 
  • Where do you see the community going in the next few years?
    I  hope the community will grow and that it can foster improved teaching, learning and research!
Warm regards,