until next time...

until next time...

by Sarah Haavind -
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Cindy, Syl and I have been around this virtual block long enough -- as have so many of you! -- to know that all the learning afforded by our presence in this seminar is not evident here in the pages of our brief, albeit engaging discussion. For myself, I will say that agreeing to collaborate on this event was a great way  to gain a deeper understanding of Cindy's challenging critique of a framework that has helped so many of us, including myself, to "see" the patterns of dialogue in asynchronous learning networks, and to draw useful conclusions about effective practice. I hope our forum was beneficial for others as well, beyond those who actively participated.

That said, a major thank you to Curt, Nick, Barbara and David for jumping in, and to Cindy for crafting such a thoughtful article that clearly advances our collective understanding of how to foster high quality communities of inquiry.

Sylvia mentioned some messages she received from others who sent their regrets -- thank you to those thoughtful colleagues as well! And most of all, thank you Sylvia, our unfailing Scope Coordinator, for organizing this opportunity.

Warmest regards to all,


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Re: until next time...

by Cindy Xin -
Thank you Sarah for your thoughtful acknowledgment to everyone. I want to also thank Andrew Feenberg who posted after your closing comment. I had many great discussions with Andrew while writing my paper. His writings on online education and technology have been an inspiration for me. The timing of this seminar is somewhat unfortunate given people’s summer schedules. We didn’t get a chance to fully explore the ideas generated and questions raised here, but I hope we will continue this conversation elsewhere online and offline. I also want to thank Sylvia for being the steward for this valuable community, SCoPE, and for getting us together here. Hope you all have a great summer. Cindy