Twitter Un-chat

Twitter Un-chat

by Sylvia Currie -
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I think this is my final "before" post. Do you feel sufficiently bombarded today? :-D A big part of facilitating scheduled activities (our theme!) is to pace your communication a little bit. I'm obvioulsy not modelling that practice very well!

Thursday, 14 June Alice MacGillivray is organizing a twitter un-chat. From her blog:

This year we are organizing an Un-chat. Between 2 and 3 pm Pacific we will use this [#oce2012] hashtag to pose approximately four questions. So far, it sounds like a regular twitter chat, right? But the questions will emerge through the event. The first question will have come up through an open space process in f2f event. Subsequent questions may come from the chat or backchannel online communication, or people in the room, or some synthesis of these sources.

There will be a prize going to the person who stirs up thinking most effectively from a distance (yes, it will be a subjective onsite decision!)

Please spead the word in your networks!